All American Paintball Field Rules & Regulations

No profanity.

Profanity and/or Obscenity from adults or children will not be tolerated

No fighting.

No arguing or fighting will be tolarated from adults or children

Wear masks at all times

When a game is being played, wear your mask at all times. Do not remove your mask in the dead zone if the dead zone is within range of the field. There are no exceptions to this rule. Keep masks on until barrel plugs have been placed back on all loaded guns. Remember that most severe paintball injuries occur because someone removed their mask at an inappropriate time.

Do Not Drink and Play

If you are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medicine, DO NOT PLAY PAINTBALL. Keep things safe and only play if you are fully coherent.

No Blind Firing

Do not fire if you can't see what you are firing at. Many players are tempted to stick their guns out and fire without looking, but avoid this. Blind firing can lead to accidentally shooting players who are leaving the field, referees, or other things you shouldn't shoot.


Close-range shots are considerably more painful than shots from a distance and it is customary to offer a surrender to any opposing player within twenty feet. The field requires players to accept surrender if another player has come within twenty feet and has a shot on them.

Shoot Less Than 300 FPS

Keep paintball velocities under 300 (and generally under 280) feet per second (FPS). Gun speeds can be timed with a paintball chronograph (available for use at the chronograph station), and should be carefully monitored. A paintball that travels at 280 FPS can cause small bruises, while a paintball that travels faster can cause significantly more damage including severe welts and broken skin.

Use Barrel Plugs

Whenever masks are not being worn, all guns should be blocked with a barrel plug or barrel sock. Safeties are good and should be used, but they often fail or are not properly used, and a physical protection from wayward paintballs is a must. Unless everyone has a mask on, do not take out your barrel plugs.

Common Sense

Most problems can be avoided if you just use common sense. Don't shoot private property. Don't shoot out of a moving vehicle. Don't look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Don't shoot yourself, etc. If you ever wonder if something might be a good idea, it's not.

Don't Take Off Your Mask Until the Game is Over

This has already been said, but needs repeating: DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK WHILE A GAME IS STILL BEING PLAYED! Most severe injuries can be avoided if players simply keep their masks on.


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